Sunday Training Run

March 9, 2023by Junko Kazukawa0

Sunday Training Run

Sunday trail run today!

It was great run in Green mountain loop with my coaching athletes Clay and Amy.  Since the weather has been cold and snowy this winter, the trail condition has been not great.  This run was 1st trail run this year. It was perfect weather and temperature for the run.  Clay and I made 13.5 miles, and Amy made it to 7 miles as she was supposed to do ( by coach Junko !) Today.

I ran Masa marathon in the beginning of February in AZ, so I have been running more on the road.  Now I need to switch the gears to the ultra distance on the trails since I have a race “Behind the rock 50M” in Moab at the end of March.  Running on the hills is challenging today, but felt good to be back on the trail for sure!

I am planning to invite my athletes living in Denver on Sunday run from now on.  I am sure this plan will make me motivated and help my athletes as well.

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