This is my first blog for Junko Mountain training. I am excited to have this website and platform to share my passion, “running”, through training, coaching, races, fun events, and more.

Next weekend, May 12th, is the Quad Rock 50 in Ft Collins. This will be my first Quad Rock 50, and I have heard this is a very hard race, with lots of ascent and decent. I have been training for this race, and it will be my 2nd ultra distance (1st one was Behind the Rocks 50 in Moab this past March) in the last few months. This race has 11,000ft of climbing over 50 miles, cut off time is 14 hours. I hope I will be strong enough to finish… we will see. As of today, the weather forecast is rain. Hoping that will change as the days go by.

Here are some pictures of the Behind the Rocks 50, and training runs recently. Enjoy!